Become a certified School Zone Safety Auditor

Module 1

  • Introduction to Road Safety Scenario and Fundamentals
  • Road Safety Policy
  • Motor Vehicle Act

Module 2

  • Traffic Control devices
  • Techinical Specifications

Module 3

Road Safety engineering

Module 4

Traffic Calming Interventions

Module 5

  • Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Safety
  • Road Accidents

Module 6

Temporary (Work Zone) Traffic Management

Module 7

  • Introduction to SchooL Zone.Sections & Definitions
  • Checklist of School Zone Safety

Module 8

  • Introduction to Road Safety Audit
  • School Zone Safety Audit Guidelines

Module 9

School Zone Safety Audit (Case Study)

Eligibility Criteria

A person should have a any graduate degreeĀ  or should be a final year student.

Access to Course is valid for 15 days from the date of Enrollment.You need to finish course in maximum 15 days.

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